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“Hi!  My name is Kirstin Oaxaca.  I have been working as a Certified Massage Therapist for over 10 years now specializing in integrated massage.  I received my bodywork certifications at the California Institute of the Healing Arts & Sciences, Fair Oaks Massage Institute, and Healing Arts Institute.  I also continue to receive advanced training on an annual basis to further my knowledge in all the wonderful modalities out there.  I feel all bodies are different and that no one modality is the best, which is why I am a true believer in integrated work.  I also respect all industries in the healing field both western and eastern and will always advise outside of my own practice if I feel it is out of my expertise. I have performed a myriad of massages within this time and continue to grow more & more in love with what I do.  Massage is an ancient healing art and I love how it continues to be accepted as a true pathway by others to heal imbalances, stress, and pains in their bodies in this modern world.  I am blessed to work in this field and look forward to working with you!”

Peace & Light,

Kirstin Oaxaca CMT

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